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Anxiety Disorder Research Paper

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Know Papyrophobia Causes

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The phobia of paper is quite rare with just a handful of people around the world suffering from it. Sometimes, the intensity of the fear increases based upon the type or size of paper. Let us study this phobia in detail.

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Papyrophobia – Fear of Paper. When a person has an abnormal and persistent fear for paper he or she is said to suffer from papyrophobia. Even though an individual with this phobia realizes that his or her fear is unreasonable, in some, just glancing at the object of fear is enough to provoke a reaction.

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A phobia is a strong, persistent fear of situations, objects, activities, or persons. The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive, unreasonable desire to avoid the feared subject. Phobias are believed to be developed by heredity, genetics and brain-chemistry combine with life-experiences. - Phobias A phobia is when someone has an irrational fear of an object such as fear of heights, fear of snakes, and other things. The name phobia is derived from Phobos, who is the Greek god of fear and most phobias have a Greek name.

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← Back to: List of phobias. Papyrophobia is an abnormal or persistent fear of papers. Papyrophobes can have fear of: plain sheet of paper, crumpled ball of paper (which symbolizes injury, damage or death), paper tear, or paper cut. phobia paper Christine Park Eng 11/19/ All kinds of Phobia Draft 1 Though there are many types of anxiety disorder the most common type of anxiety disorders are phobias. Phobias which means “fear” in Greek, is an excessive fear or anxiety to a situation or object.