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10 Online Gold Mines for Finding Paid Freelance Writing Jobs


❶I learned over time how to properly format online content! Hold out for the good ones.

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It's possible to do both, although you may find yourself very stretched trying to keep up. Even within the online writing sphere, there are various possibilities, including blog writing , guest blog writing, topic specific websites for example, green living, pet care, collectibles , etc.

There is also official writing for government, but for this type of writing you'll often need qualifications and experience in the policy-making areas you'll be writing for; contact a company that handles such writing to ask them what they're looking for.

Be aware that many print publications such as newsletters and trade publications are done in-house or outsourced to a company specializing in writing. In this case, you may be better off trying to get on the books of a company that is happy for you to do freelance work across a range of topics using their contacts. They'll take a commission but you'll gain the benefit of their expertise and established market.

Start looking for opportunities to write to build your portfolio. Initially it is important to establish your credentials and build a portfolio. It may be simplest to begin by writing for small, non-paying publications and websites.

By writing articles for smaller publications, you will gain experience, get known, and get a bunch of published articles with your name on them that you can use to show clients and employers. You need that portfolio for established publications to take you seriously and hire you. Visit your local library to get lists of publishers and ideas for whom to contact. Submit a poem or story to a children's magazine such as Owl if you're a young person.

If you're a teenager, join your school's yearbook committee and submit articles to the school newspaper. Regard this effort as good practice for your future freelance career.

If you're a college or university student, craft strong, well-written essays for class that you might be able to later get published. You can also offer your services at the writing lab, and write articles for the student newspaper, literary magazine, and alumni magazine. For an adult, start with reputable online sites that accept articles — make contact with the owners of sites and blogs that you admire and explain that you're building up your portfolio and would like to write some pieces for free in return for your name being publicized.

If you have your own blog or website , this can help you as you can include it as a backlink with your name. Non-profits are also excellent places to find writing work.

Donate your time and effort and get your work published in their newsletters and publications and use those as part of your portfolio. Turn your best articles into PDFs that can be easily emailed to potential employers or clients. Reach out and start job hunting. When you feel that you're capable of writing professionally, think of something you'd like to write about, then start contacting the relevant people.

Find publishers you'd like to write for, then read their guidelines. This cannot be over-emphasized - sending queries and articles in that have nothing to do with the publication is as bad as turning up to a job interview never having researched the company. Know your market and target your writing accordingly.

And always send a query letter to a major publication before submitting a completed article, unless you're submitting "on spec", or you're happy to waste precious time on an article that may never be published. Include the first paragraph of your article and an outline of the rest.

Call in two weeks if you don't get a reply. Another approach is to send in a completed article for them to consider "on spec". In this case, the editor will read it but doesn't have to publish it. Magazine or other major publication: Think of something you'd like to write about, then send a query letter to the editor of a pertinent major publication asking if they're interested in publishing an article on the topic.

Call in four to six weeks if you don't get a reply. Check online job boards for columnists, bloggers, web content creators, and other writing jobs. Use a query letter approach in an email if it seems appropriate, or simply respond in a straightforward manner to the job's description. For guest blogging , make it clear you have read and enjoyed the blog in question and keep your suggestion short and sweet.

Good blogs get an overwhelming amount of requests and yours needs to stand out to make the blogger want to even read it. For article sites, if they require you to apply to be an approved author, then do so and supply all the needed background information and proof of your qualifications. For those sites that don't need anything more than joining, get on with it and join but don't rely on these sites to make a living!

If you haven't already sent a full article but just the query, then it's time to get started once the client or employer confirms that they want your writing. Congratulations, by the way. Write in your own unique and brilliant way and avoid conforming to the mold of other writers. By all means conform to the required guidelines of the publication in question, but try to avoid cliches , hackneyed turns of phrase, dull prose, and deadly boring content. You've got that worked out already, right?

Keep a thesaurus , dictionary, and grammar book with you at all times. If you're writing in an English that isn't your own dialect, or isn't your native language, also have a grammar resource for the English in which you are writing. Find steady freelance writing jobs or even ongoing contracts. There are plenty of possibilities in both print media and online media. The difficulty will always be the competition, so you'll need to keep your style sharp and interesting, your list of contacts detailed, and your motivation stoked.

Keep improving your writing skills by reading widely, attending relevant talks and seminars, and staying up-to-date in the areas you're writing about. This is especially important if you're writing in areas that change rapidly, such as technology and fashion. Update your portfolio every time you have an article published. Learn from your editor's comments. Fix your grammar quirks, mend your heavy prose, and celebrate the fact that someone is giving you golden advice on how to improve your writing skills.

Not Helpful 6 Helpful No, you're not too old. There many successful writers twice your age out there. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 9. Yes, you can find work online. Not Helpful 9 Helpful Yes, but taking some college classes might not be a bad idea, especially writing classes. A business class or two may also be helpful, especially when it comes to promoting and advertising one's work. I'm still in the 12th grade. Is it possible that I can be a freelance writer now?

Starting so young gives you much more time to develop your skills, so when you are ready to commit to writing entirely, you will be ready. Do not rule out getting a part-time job doing something else, however, or going to college. It can be tough to break into the field, and it may take a while before you have enough work to support yourself on freelance writing alone.

Keep in mind that most freelance writing jobs out there prefer that you have a bachelor's degree, and you'll have many fewer opportunities available to you if you don't get one. Not Helpful 1 Helpful As long as you consistently execute the contracts you acquire, it would be an asset. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 8. Can I become a freelance writer with a postgraduate degree in history?

Yes, of course you can. In fact, it actually helps because you have a specific study focus to talk about - so for example, if you focused on World War II just a throw-out-there example , then you can write fiction about this era in an accurate way. You can write great, riveting non fiction, too. Not Helpful 7 Helpful Anyone can become a freelance writer, as long as they are a good writer. If you have a degree, one of the best ways to break into freelance writing is to look for work that relates to your degree - for example, writing for an economics-related website or publication.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 6. Yes, take a course in Journalism and Mass Communication. Take a diploma level or a class, and later you can go to Degree level in a nearby College or University. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. You don't really have to "register" unless you mean on specific websites, in which case the instructions would vary by website.

You just need to find a way to advertise your freelance writing, like through Craigslist. You can look up websites that are designed to match freelance writers with projects as well. How should I analyse the key questions that an author should consider when testing an idea? Answer this question Flag as What are tips of being a successful freelancer? How much should a writer expect of his work? Are there any free online classes to teach how to learn writing?

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. One actually feed the other, IMHO. Glad to help and good luck! Good editors are going to look for those things in even casual writing, such as random comments on random websites, and are not going to have someone proof-read your work for you. This was a conclusion I came to myself some years ago. I read and re-read that essay probably three times doing my own proof-reading, making corrections, fixing mistakes and awkward phrasing, then asked my mum to proof-read it.

She had even more corrections for me to make. So my suggestion here is to get yourself comfortable with all aspects of proper writing, and then find yourself a couple friends or family members who have good vocabularies, firm grasps on the language, and can proof-read the living tar out of your writing.

Hi there…this was a super helpful and practical article. I have one question. You gave a number of different portals for finding freelance gigs and markets. Right now time is limited for me I have a full-time job , so if you had to recommend one place in particular to find work as a newbie freelance writer, where would it be? A lot of writers have full-time jobs. My first three years writing involved another full time job. How about emailing me off this list at hope chopeclark.

Thank you for this article. I especially found your 3 lists to determine your expertise to be very helpful! I wish I would have read this sooner! Ah well, now I know! I recently decided to take on freelance writing and gulp actually call myself a writer which is a really hard thing to do at first. I have had one unpaid pitch and two paid ones accepted, and was invited to be a contributor on a website that I love.

Thanks for all your helpful resources and information. I will definitely be perusing your site daily! The only way I like to chat is with substance. Good luck with your freelancing!

A very enjoyable and thought-inspiring piece. This work eventually lead me into video and audio production and editing as well. Hopefully this article will be able to help me at least build a foundation for this endeavor.

Best of luck, Jeremy! My name is Rotouel Tigues. I am a poet and I love to write! I have recorded a song that I wrote. I have 3 professional videos on Youtube. I am not a conceited person, but the videos and the content are both very good. How do I get noticed? The content is good,the presentation is great-where are the oppurtunities? I would be appreciative of your respone. Thank you very much.

Establish a go-to site for people to find you, then you use it on all your emails and everything you do. Cover stuff in the business. People get discovered on crowdfunding sites, but only if they work it VERY hard with a professional touch. I would love to check out your YouTube channel. Mabye you could provide a link to your content, even here. Can You Help me In This? Can you give me some links where I can get real paid writing assignments?

Its okay if it pays low amount. Can you help me? Sure — there are lots of great resources in this post and this one. Better to pitch yourself based upon a great query and great idea than to try to land cheap clips.

The clips have to match where you are pitching, and a cheap market does not reflect well on you. Rule of thumb is not to mention negatives in a query. Not all markets want clips, and will overlook no clips if your query writing and article idea are sharp.

I am a college student that is heading into the writing field. I am new to the game of this profession currently. I could use any kind of advice and resources to help me out. I am very determined to make it as a writer. Do you have any kind of advice for someone like me? You need some steps in here: What makes they good?

Rule of thumb in my world is to read ten times as much as you write, and write ten times more than you keep after you edit, and edit ten times more than you actually publish. Small-circulation publications are often overlooked, but they offer big perks to writers who are willing to reach out. If only that were true. Magazines are always looking for holiday-themed articles.

But if you pitch your idea too late, you won't get it published. Here's what you need to know when querying magazine editors your holiday-themed articles. I strongly recommend bloggers to turn off the autocorrect on your phone.

And here are 10 reasons to assure you. This guest post is written by Zachary Petit. Formerly he was the Now I write mystery novels about a fictional journalist. My old friends from the newsroom say to me: All you have to do at your job is make stuff up.

1. Start Cold Pitching

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