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How to Write Great Blog Content

How to write the perfect headlines

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1. Treat your web visitors like wild animals

Choose a video to embed
2. Put your most important information first

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I’ve blogged in the past about how I write my content, but now I’ve created a whole chapter on how you can become an excellent writer like Seth Godin. Learn To Write Content like a Pro – The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing.

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The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing. Written by Neil Patel & Kathryn Aragon. Download PDF. Write content to help people and add value to their lives. Use content to inform and entertain. Use sales copy to sell. No stretching the truth. People will only see you as a resource if they can trust you. That's why it's so important to research.

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I also write professionally - mainly science and medical articles. I started The Write Content in order to help people who lacked writing or publishing experience publish their own local magazines without having to pay extortionate franchise fees, but it's grown to be much more. While blog content does not need to be perfect, it does need to be easy to read and consume. Write Better, Right Now! Grammarly makes you a better writer by finding and correcting up to 10 minutes more mistakes than your word processor.

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There are a lot of nuances to successful web content writing – follow these 20 simple tips to copy that converts, ranks well in SERPs and provides value. Oct 14,  · How to Write SEO Content. Search Engine Optimization is a technique used in web publishing to increase web page visibility and traffic for a higher ranking in search engines and more readers. Writing an article using Search Engine 82%(82).