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How to Sculpt a Tree Trunk Out of Chickenwire & Paper Mache Using Balloons As Leaves


❶You may need more than 1 if the box is large.

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The amount of newspaper you will use depends on the size of your tree; you will need enough to cover the tree four times. Dip your fingers into a water to dampen them and prevent the paper mache from sticking to them.

Grab a strip of newspaper and dip it into the flour paste. Submerge it completely to coat the paper and remove it from the paste. Use your fingers to squeeze off any excess paste. Lay the strip onto the chicken wire frame and wrap it so that it lays as flat as possible. Cover the tree in strips of paper mache by working your way from the bottom to the top. Repeat three additional times so that there are four layers of paper mache on your tree.

Allow the paper mache to completely dry; usually overnight. Paint the tree using spray paint or another water-based paint. Allow the paint to dry completely. Cut a length of floral wire 2. Slightly pinch the folded end closed without crimping it. You can use a slightly watered down wallpaper paste, or the classic flour and water glue 1 part flour to 2 parts water. You can also water down some white glue using the same ratios. Blow up a sausage shape balloon and stick it to the base. Now you can begin to build up your tree.

Start with the roots and mash-up some of the paper with the glue to make a sticky mass, and load it up around the balloon to make a sturdy base. Now you need to build up the tree trunk, using your paper and glue, build up layers around the balloon - you will need at least 3 layers of paper. Once you are satisfied with the look of it, paste over the whole thing and leave to dry overnight. The next day you can pop the balloon and you are left with your tree trunk.

To add more detail to the trunk you can thicken up brown paint with flour or sand. Hi Jonni and thanks for the excellent information on your site and in videos. Does this sound like a reasonable plan, or do you have other suggestions for something this large? BTW — I will be building the base in a way that will support a person on top. One thing you might want to do is pad out the inside of the elephant with some big scraps of foam, like Cris did when she made her giraffe, or use crumpled paper like Tom did for his bear.

Your ideas for finished your elephant sound good. It uses the same ingredients, plus paper and white flour. Use a knife to spread it, or make a spreader out of the lid from a yogurt container. Hello Jonni, Thanks for the recipe. I am working with the airdry clay recipe. I followed it with all of the flour and yet it continues to stay tacky. Also, my beaters get gunked up with the recipe, not that I expect an answer to that one…. Just add more flour. You might want to use the dough hooks, if your mixer has them.

And throw the beaters into water the minute you get done mixing. Hi, I really enjoyed your page. My questions is I am making a very large ball feet. Which kind of paste would you recommend? Also, if I leave the ball in there how many layers would you recommend if I am using the blue towels. Thank you for your time and any other helpful hints you can give to this newbie! If you totally saturate the shop towels with the paste the towels will dry very hard. If you need it to hold up to hard use you would need at least four layers.

When the plaster cloth was hard I added one layer of paper mache to cover the fabric texture. I tried to make the gesso for a big project using two different kinds of non-DAP joint compound, including the brand from Walmart, and wood glue. Both turned rubbery and I had to throw the whole batch away. I hope you can find some and try again. HI Jonni, Do you have any tips for keeping the glue soft for longer periods of time? You can keep working with it until it dries. If you can find the drywall joint compound, just mix it with some PVA glue to a thick but creamy consistency.

Some people have a severe allergic reaction to gluten. The rest of us can safely ignore the gluten in the standard flour and water paste.

Picture of my Bigfoot made from paper mache clay and fake fur from your recipe with the paper mache clay the whole body is done in it. How did you get the fake fur to stick to the paper mache clay? And what did you use for your armature?

How many layers of paper mache do you recommend I use before covering these with paper clay? I just cover the armature with the pm clay. There are people who do it your way, though. If it has a firm armature that will be left inside to support it, you can use just two or three layers. Hi Jonni, thank you so much for your speedy reply! Hi Jonni, I was wondering what your experience is in the type of glue to use in paper marche to ensure bugs such as cockroaches are not attracted to your finished works.

Would pva or elders I think be better than flour based glue? Or have you found that a good seal of paint and lacquer to complete the work ensures this? Thanks, I really enjoy all your contributions, ideas, recipes, suggestions, they are very inspiring. Regards Jo in Australia. However, many readers have said that bugs and mice are drawn to the flour and water paste. They might also enjoy snacking on newspaper.

When I made my second batch of paper mache clay I used a few drops of essential oils in it. Especially those that make them undesirable to critters. My PM clays smell like lavender, rosemary, tea tree, and cinnamon with each separate batch. I got creative after my first pm clay funk factory.

Easy paper mache paste recipe:

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These easy to follow steps to making a paper-mâché tree will result in a realistic-looking tree that you are free to customize according to your project. We look at the basics of making a paper-mâché tree, how to add foliage, and tricks and tips on making your tree and surrounding ground look realistic. We also look at how to adapt the project to your needs.

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Mrs P is here to help solve all your paper mache tree problems. Ok, First up, Get yourself a butt load of chicken wire and start making a trunk. I've made this tree in 2 parts so it's easier to transport.

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Find great deals on eBay for paper mache tree. Shop with confidence. Today I’m going to let KT Scherer tell you about these fantastic paper mache trees she made for her wedding. She did an outstanding job, and I can see why her guests were so impressed. Here’s what she told me in her email: Hi Jonni, I emailed you about a year and a half ago. I asked you for some.