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Meth And Its Effects On The Brain

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❶There are more emergency room visits involving meth than any other drug. Chemicals may remain on cooking and eating utensils, floors, countertops, and absorbent materials.

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It is said that meth is such an ultra-stimulant, that users often stay high all day off one hit. In , it was reported that over half of Portland, Oregon were meth users. It caused homes to be split apart and thus, half of the foster care provided by the state was children whose parents were involved with meth using or meth making.

Many homes were like this on the west coast, however the east coast had yet to see this. The independent investigative journalist that focused national attention to meth addiction in the U.

He was very concerned with the statistics of meth. He did a study and transformed data into maps. In , there was only Oregon shaded for meth. By , the number increased to shade through the Midwest. By , meth was reaching the east coast. Someone had to do something about this epidemic. He found huge spikes and fall offs over a period of years. He wondered why they were so consistant.

Suo spoke on PBS in an interview about interviewing a 9 year old girl who had seen horrible things for her age. She described the way she would feel sick when smelling the cooking going on in the house.

She had to perform sex acts with the father and other adults when they were high on meth. These stories are not easy to hear for Suo, he is a dad as well. The proliferation of meth manufacture and distribution in the U. Krebs Biochemical factory in India manufactured ephedrine and pseudoephedrine and that is who the cartel was getting it from. Having no clue as to what was happening in the U.

Now the Indian connection is gone, so what now? The purity of meth plunged in statistics and lives. In early , meth purity was lowest it had been in years, then it rose again in Suo, the journalist, noticed these patterns and took great interest to solve the mystery of the rise and fall of the meth epidemic. He had an idea to go after the chemical components that go into meth. So, the idea that they could do the same for meth was out there. Bob Dole introduced bills in to I.

It was a bill that would negatively impact the industry, so it was shot down. An appeal was made to a higher authority, the lobbyist for the drug industry and the evidence and presentation was there, but they wanted to exempt cold medicine from the law, as the chemical when it was sold in form of a pharmaceutical.

An agreement was made with the loop-hole. In , 4 out of 5 hits consumed by meth users were in superlabs in the central valley. The police hit labs that were huge and some were small. The ideal location for a lab would be in vacant areas and they could cook and be gone in 48 hours.

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Crystal Meth Addiction

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Methamphetamine Use: A Health Assessment Perspective Essay - This paper examines the health assessment perspective on methamphetamine use in adults and it explores the implications of the drug and the public health response to this epidemic by reviewing data and results.

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Meth is a highly dangerous and addictive drug. The essay sample shows the scale of negative effects of Methamphetamine on a human brain.

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Crystal Meth is an amphetamine based with over the counter drugs and a mixture of harmful chemicals and gases. The effects of this drug are overwhelming, not only to our economy, but also to the future of our children and society overall. Essays Related to meth. 1. Meth. Meth is a powerfully addictive stimulant. The effects of meth can 3/5(5). Essays Related to Small Meth Essay. 1. The Liberation of Marijuana. rather than the real bad guys like street meth, crack/cocaine and heroin. For something like weed which is used wide spread, punishing pot users and chasing after them is more of a waste of time for the police than it is for them to bust an underground meth lab- the drug itself /5(10).

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Meth addicts will break in houses, and will either sell the stolen property for money for meth or trade it for meth. Property owners are not taking the hardest hit from the meth addicts. The children and spouses are the ones who have to suffer the most. Crystal methamphetamine, also known as ice, crank, glass and shards, is today’s street drug of choice. A popular stimulant among club-goers, it induces a long-lasting and euphoric high, preceded by a very intense low. Smoking crystal meth is the most common method of use, but it can also be.