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❶At the same time, a process is a simple thing to explain, so most of the students get engaged.

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Accessing Healthcare in the Women's Restroom: a user-experience, service design thesis project
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In service design, a wide range of disciplines come together, such as ethnography, consumer research, interaction design, product design, industrial design, service marketing and corporate strategy. This toolkit also holds a number of tools which you can use in your own workshop. For each technique you can find material to help you. The workshop materials can be found under downloads. With this toolkit you will be able to do most by yourself.

However, it is recommended to hire an external consultant to moderate the workshops and to guide you through the process. Feel free to contact us. This toolkit is also used in one-day training sessions. The various techniques and tools proposed in the toolkit are explained and some touch and feel with some of the techniques is also possible. The aim of the thesis was to develop a new service concept for the Finnish grocery trade, which encourages supermarket customers to choose healthier and sustainable food.

There are three main theoretical discussions that build the relevant base for the context of the report. The thesis first looks at what a service concept is and how service concept is has been discussed in the academe. The thesis shows that there is no unified accepted definition of the term but the reviewed literature suggests a few common characteristics. The service concept communicates the customer benefit or value of a service idea to stakeholders, employees or customers and should include information about brand and marketing, highlight the strategic intent of the organization, specify the experience the customer receives and describe operational tasks and activities.

To make the service concept definition tangible and usable for the context of service design, I mapped service design tools to the characteristics of the service concept. These tools make up the service concept developed in the empirical part of the thesis. There are many trends that suggest that changes in customer behavior is changing the way supermarket will function in the future and that business need to react to these in order to stay on the market.

Even though research in this area is still limited and recent, there seems to be a common notion that transformative services are considered a way for service business to survive in challenging times of market saturation and lack of differentiation. In order to make the theory of transformative services tangible for the use of developing a service concept, I point out eight ingredients that add transformative character to services.

The common approach and methodology used which connects the three topics is service design. The process used to design a service concept included the phases of insights, ideation and concept.

Customer insights have been collected using online survey and cultural probes. An expert interview, desk research and trends have been used to gather insights about the market. Service ideas have been generated using the ideation technique of opportunity brainstorm and customer value constellation. The service concept was then concretized with the tools mapped in the chapter about the service concept.

In addition to these I developed Product Criteria and Core Components that influence the supermarket experience. Based on the theory, the insights collected and the ideation exercises, I developed a service concept called Green key. The value proposition for the service idea describes the customer benefit and the main elements of the service:. Women do not want to be seen buying products, so the vending machine is designed to be used quickly and to keep others from knowing what she buys.

The machine is triangle-shaped to fit in the corner of a public restroom, instead of hanging on a flat wall. The waist-high dispenser means she can easily slip the product into a pocket or purse without having it be exposed. Swiping a credit card or university ID for payment is less fussy than inserting bills and coins, and allows women to buy higher priced items without worrying about correct change. Top concerns include treating diagnosing and treating common infections, using contraception, caring for periods, keeping clean and pain relief.

Women asked for a mix of medical and convenience items. While most items are available at pharmacies or convenience stores, the process of purchasing them involves a special trip to the store and a face-to-face interaction with a cashier.

Women were more interested in products that cater to urgent situations feeling ill, getting a period, preparing for sex than long-term use products pack of birth control pills, antibiotics.

Lady Business purchases are designed to be used in the restroom stall. Products are adhered to the package with glue so nothing falls out when you open it.

Packages designed to be mailed away for lab tests turn inside out to become an overnight envelope. Many health situations women face involve a lot of time wasted spent waiting on others to provide a service. Ironically, the technology used to diagnose and treat many infections is simple enough for a woman to do it herself.

In research sessions, women expressed interest in kits to help them deal with urinary tract infections, yeast infections, sex, pregnancy and periods. Believe it or not, women can take urine, saliva, and even blood samples, swallow pills, and apply creams with the best of them. Titles like "Yeast Beast" and "Piss Off" makes ladies smile when they're dealing with annoying health problems. Self-care kits are designed to be small enough to use in the bathroom stall.

The flat interior is perfect for brief instructions like, "eat yogurt. The Lady Business vending machine is designed to help women cope with urgent situations - sudden symptoms, unexpected periods, and safe sex. Tucked into a discreet corner of the restrooom, Lady Business is there when you need it. This will be the front face of my vending machine prototype. I have a triangular, wall-mounted design that is meant to hang in a private corner of the bathroom.

Users can pay with a credit card or swipe a university ID. Products are ordered via an alpha-numeric code on the right side, so their choice is less conspicuous to others. Trying different combinations of type helped me clarify the product package.

I tried various combinations of Linotype Didot and Avenir to create the branding for Ladybusiness packaging. I experimented with different names for the couples STI test as well, to see if I could communicate that this is a home test for two. Couples STI test encourages two people to test at the same time to support eachother.

The kit would include a saliva test for HIV and urine tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Each person chooses blue or pink tests. The package turns inside out to become a prepaid overnight mailer.

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To make the service concept definition tangible and usable for the context of service design, I mapped service design tools to the characteristics of the service concept. These tools make up the service concept developed in the empirical part of the thesis.

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