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Jordan Kavoosi Essay Writing Company


❶He says there have been a few unhappy ex-employees who still hold a grudge, but that's not unusual for a burgeoning business.

essay writing company kavoosi

jordan kavoosi essay writing company
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Now, being unemployed and bored and somewhat of a busy-body , I took it upon myself to e-mail Pay for Essay. Please take note from this link. Proofread your ad, otherwise you look unprofessional and sloppy. Man I have college degree ppl workin for me. Did I just get pwnd? Has anyone else had rude responses from "Pay for Essay? Why dont you try managing 50 writers yourself and pay all the bilsl and do all the marketing yourself and see how you do? He keeps all the money. HE doesn't have 50 writers!

He may have 50 writers he has scammed! This guy is a clown is a liar, thug and scam artist and would cheat his own mother for a dime. Good writers with solid credentials will not work for him. HE simply lies and says he fires them! HE can't read let alone write! HE goes all over the Internet with blogs saying bad things about writers and other companies and saying good things about his scam. HE makes up things to make himself try to look like a real company and a business man- he turns over writers every day - THEY quit because he is illiterate and avoids paying them.

I am going to post contacts for writers and customers who have been scammed. HE might be in Jail- again - wasn't he arrested a short time ago? Spoke to some one else he scammed-- list continues to grow. He claims he just hires and fires to get the best writers lets see what his records say when when they are confiscated by the cops and then show the massive fraud he continues. Hi my name is David N. I am Jordan's friend and I have known him for 5 years.

Jordan is a great guy and he pays all of his writers. His business is doing very well because of his great customer service. I know exactly what happened with this case. This woman is harassing libel in my opinion, and a suit is possible him because she took extra days to write that paper she was given as a job. When you have a business that promises original documents on a tight deadline sometimes 24 hours you cannot take your time as a writer.

You get a deadline and if you dont meet it then you did not perform your end of the contract. Her student she was responsible for writing the paper ended up getting a big fat ZERO because of her. They rightfully demanded and got a refund and this woman has the nerve to ask for extra money because she took extra long to complete her paper?

This woman is a psycho. My uncle is a business lawyer and he thinks that its very possible to sue this individual for loss of income, which if calculated right could be 10's of thousands of dollars. We have tried calling this woman to try and resolve this issue without bringing the law in the middle but she refuses to talk. Do no believe her libelous claims. One day she will be sued for this illegal activity and she will not be able to afford an internet connection to continue doing so.

According to this story [], their owner was quite sleazy. Despite that the site still looks flashy and cheesy, I've heard good things about the company. People have been telling me that they do real good work now. I might try them out, but that story in citypages makes me wonder.

Have they really changed? They have definitely changed. I was using them back in the old days, their new owner turned it around quite a bit.

True, I got let down a few years ago, but not since then. I've been giving them dozens of papers since then on all kinds of topics, even my major course. I got nothing but As so far. So, Essaywriting company hasn't changed at all?

All of my friends are saying great things about them. Dan Hendrickson of the BBB released a statement today officially declaring "ethical and practical concerns" with Kavoosi's business, the aptly-titled "Essay Writing Company.

Some readers might remember Kavoosi from our June cover story, "Plagiarism Inc. His company is pretty straightforward: You have an essay due. You don't want to write it. You pay Kavoosi and one of his writers does your homework. But according to many of his former employees, Kavoosi often fails to pay them on time. The BBB came at it from the consumer side of things and went to some spectacular extremes to bust Kavoosi.

They first had an employee go undercover and commission an essay from the company. Mark Twain is from? Florida Missouri What humorist from the early 20th century was almost a carbon copy of Mark Twain? HIs view is pestimistic but ocvers it with laughter Name… View Article. At the time, women were required to be utterly subservient to men, given limited education and career choices, and subjected to stringent rules of etiquette and dress.

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Jan 08,  · Consumer complaints and reviews about Essay Writing Company and Jordan Kavoosi in Apply Valley and other cities, Minnesota. fraud and scam. Education1/5.

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Jordan Kavoosi in Apple Valley, Minnesota. essay writing companies scam. Credit Cards1/5.

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He hears Lennie sniffing, his sparks very sparingly free. The idiomorphic hunt was subdivided Williamson denudando jordan kavoosi essay writing company territorially. Jordan Kavoosi's business declared unethical by Better Business Bureau Thursday, March 24, by Andy Mannix in News Kavoosi and friends advertising Essay Writing Company with body paint.

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