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Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics

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❶For the best answers, search on this site https: Slope-shelf faunal link and unreported diversity off Nova Scotia:


The ocean matters
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Deep-Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers

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Researcher Academy Author Services Try out personalized alert features. A global biogeographic classification of the mesopelagic zone Tracey T.

View All Most Downloaded Articles. Seismic airgun sound propagation in Arctic Ocean waveguides Kelly A. View All Recent Articles. Development of a deep-sea laser-induced breakdown spectrometer for in situ multi-element chemical analysis Blair Thornton Tomoko Takahashi Analytical phytoplankton carbon measurements spanning diverse ecosystems Jason R.

Long-term changes in macrozooplankton off the western antarctic peninsula Deborah K. View All Most Cited Articles. Natural spatial variability of depositional conditions, biogeochemical processes and element fluxes in sediments of the eastern Clarion-Clipperton Zone, Pacific Ocean Jessica B.

Insight into deep-sea life — Cibicidoides pachyderma substrate and pH-dependent behaviour following disturbance Jutta Erika Wollenburg Zora M.

Slope-shelf faunal link and unreported diversity off Nova Scotia: Evidence from polychaete data Lenka Neal Sergio Taboada Oceanographic Research Papers in the last 90 days. Most Cited Articles The most cited articles published since , extracted from Scopus. The Plum Print next to each article shows the relative activity in each of these categories of metrics: Captures, Mentions, Social Media and Citations.

Go here to learn more about PlumX Metrics. Though it might seem to reflect a narrow focus at a cursory glance, the implications of oceanography are quite complex and tie in to all facets of biology and the environment, as well as issues like public policy, housing, and community planning.

Climate change, ocean energy cultivation, and global warming, are also topics of contemporary concern related to oceanography. Due to changes, innovation and the expansion of human knowledge, the field of oceanography is rapidly advancing Smith, As a result, much of the research necessary for modern application is based on recent scholarship. The professional staff at PowerPapers.

From academic projects ranging from single page cursory explorations to complete graduate studies, PowerPapers. For your oceanography research paper topic needs, PowerPapers.

Beginning the selection of an oceanography research paper topic necessitates that the student formulate a lens of inquiry.

For example, a chemistry student may find it more comfortable and better connected to their major to explore salinity processes of a specific body of water rather than housing policy development in an ocean front city. Conversely, a history major may choose to examine the impact of naval power on the history of warfare.

More purely oceanographic approaches may favor specific life cycles of a given species, bioluminescence in deep sea creatures, or water circulation patterns. Still beyond this, a political science student could choose to look at policy development and oceanic energy resource potential.

Once a perspective is established, suitable theses and selection of appropriate literature on the subject can commence. The nature of oceanography necessitates even more close attention to year of publication and peer reviewed status of articles. More recent published research is superior for properly framing oceanography inquiry and establishing viable applications.

A research student on environment impact in would likely be missing key elements that would be prominently features in a research study on the same subject published in Below is a list of topics that would fall within scopes of inquiry related to oceanography.

Coming Up With The Most Interesting Oceanography Research Paper Topics

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Due to changes, innovation and the expansion of human knowledge, the field of oceanography is rapidly advancing (Smith, ). As a result, much of the research necessary for modern application is based on recent scholarship.; Tags.

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Oceanography--Term Paper Suggestions The two main objectives of the paper are to research a topic and to write a well-structured report on it. As you consider what topic to write on, make sure that appropriate library materials on that topic are available. Library of Congress call numbers for oceanographic collections. GC Main.

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Oceanography Overview Page; Class Schedule/Relevant links: The following is a list of possible topics for the 3 page paper due 17 March. I encourage you to select a topic not on this list, but request you discuss it with me first. How are artificial radioactive isotopes used in oceanographic research? Oceanography Research Paper Topic Suggestions. Biological Oceanography - Biological Oceanography research papers discuss the scientific study of how organisms, especially microorganism, are effected by the .

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The core of research activities in the Physical Oceanography Department consists of observational programs toward the ocean's role in the climate system, and the interaction between physical, biological and chemical processes, with a special focus on the Atlantic Ocean. The large-scale circulation in all depth ranges of the ocean, physical processes . Jack Arneson Biography. AGU journals span a wide range of subjects in the Earth and space sciences. oceanography research paper topics Publish with AGU.