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Salman Rushdie Essays (Examples)

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❶Rushdie gained international notoriety in with the publication of The Satanic Verses. Rushdie uses English to tell his story, but he incorporates the Indian oral tradition without any kind of chronological structure to the story.

Essays on Salman rushdie

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The clamour raised over these issues is massive, with many budding writers boosting the perception of literature as time passes. This paper seeks to evaluate and provide insight into the progress of English writing over a time period ranging from the post- independence period till the present time. Writing veterans who displayed the fifties' realism in their works are…… [Read More]. Purdah Purdah Is Practice of. The first and only female leader of Pakistan, Bhutto was a strong political figure and fighter for freedom and women's rights in Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

Exiled and brought back by popular demand, she was assassinated in Mo Yan is an incredibly prolific and respected author in modern China, whose works are largely concerned with social commentary. He was formerly a soldier in the People's Army and is a member of the ruling Communist Party.

The regime is noted for the massive human rights violations and state-sponsored murders in the guise of social engineering. Biafra was a secessionist state in Nigeria populated largely by the Ibo people. The secession of te state, which was recognized by several neighboring African countries,…… [Read More].

Economic Systems Are Quite Complex. Plus, if the world is tied together economically, there is more impetus to prevent hyper-inflation, to help other countries in times of natural disaster, and to form a more humanitarian-based society. It seems that the idea of globalism was also assisted with new macro-trade agreements combine with the easy communications brought about because of the advances in cellular technology and the Internet.

This rapid growth of the global economy affects modern economic development, stability, labor, and the environment in a dramatic way. Developing countries did not, in most cases, have the long tradition of the Industrial Revolution, so they are now trying to rapidly modernize; to build their economies in years or decades when it took the West centuries. This is in part due to the need for satisfaction of the populace, in part because of the way information is shared, and in part because on a regular basis, the…… [Read More].

Race Ethnicity and Difference. Multiculturalism is an ideology which is defined in different ways following in the varying paradigms of one's culture and knowledge. However, it is generally explained as a system of beliefs which recognizes and appreciated diversity of groups in a society or in any organization. In t his regard, it also acknowledge these difference particularly the socio-cultural disparity thereby stressing upon its impact in a culture as it empowers the whole society.

Multiculturalism is all about recognizing the difference and respecting them. In other words, this points out to the equal treatment of every human being regardless of any distinction based on color, race, religion, gender and culture. It aims at safeguarding and building up the integrity and dignity of these differences so that they are tolerated and celebrated osado C, Background Multiculturalism is feature of globalization as well as post…… [Read More].

The Orient is not only adjacent to Europe; it is also the place of Europe's greatest and richest and oldest colonies, the source of its civilizations and languages, its cultural contestant, and one of its deepest and most recurring images of the other. In addition, the Orient has helped to define Europe or the West as its contrasting image, idea, personality, and experience.

Yet none of this Orient is merely…… [Read More]. Terrorism Seems to Have Taken Over the. Terrorism seems to have taken over the world. No matter how hard the industrialized countries try to find ways to achieve peace and stability in the world but somehow the opposite happens. Today's world is predominantly inhabited by hatred that is visible in the never-ending terror and fear produced by the attacks of September 11th and the military responses undertaken by Super powers.

Wars apparently carried out in order to eradicate terrorism are seen by the affected countries as excuses to simply dominate more countries and establish and American hegemony or new colonialism all over the world. The reasons for escalating terrorism are complex and more than often not understandable. However, some of the reasons are as follows: The growth in the number of terrorist groups is instigated largely by the religious imperative that is greatly funded by the state governments of the Islamic countries; the highly advanced technology and…… [Read More].

The relationship between religious groups to society can be defined against the backdrop of war. Powerful emotions surround both conflict and military conflict Yinger, A direct relationship has been recognized for several year regarding religion and violence.

Students of organized religion "have frequently pointed out the ease with which most church leaders shift, at the outbreak of war, from an explicit antiwar position to a vigorous pro-war policy" Yinger, p. However, despite the seemingly strong tie between religion and war, it is critical to also acknowledge that while religion seems a backdrop for many wars, many other factors have contributed as well. Political aspirations and agendas have had as much to do with war as religion.

The complex intermingling of these many different factors will be explored in greater detail below. I wish to focus on three ways in which this tendentiousness has been expressed in the past -- which I will summarize as forgery, ideology, and historiography -- in which the storage and retrieval of information has conditioned the use…… [Read More].

Plato the Apology of Socrates the Charges. This is how Socrates himself phrases it: And now I will try to defend myself against them: What do they say? Something of this sort: In other words, the first charge is that Socrates has corrupted the youth of Athens, and the second charge is that of impiety towards the official gods of Athens.

Socrates in his defense begins by cross-examining his accuser, Meletus. On the first charge he asks whether Meletus thinks his corruption of young minds was intentional: Myths of the Nation. Harrison, J "Salman Rushdie.

Works Cited Phillips, Andrew. Works Cited Macaulay, Thomas Babington. Works Cited Achebe, Chinua. Heinemann; Expanded edition, Salman Rushdie's East, West: Books on Demand, Domestic Pressures and Regional Threats: The Role of Politics in Pakistan's Economy.

Journal of International Affairs, 63 1 , Sources in Haroun and the Sea of Stories. Bibliography Esposito, John L. Oxford University Press, The Origin of Holy War in Islam. History of the Byzantine Empire. Funk and Wagnalls, Saladin and the Fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Duke University Press, Immigration, multiculturalism and the welfare state. Ethics and International affair. Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affair.

Concise Glossary of Cultural Theory, London: Religion and Politics View Full Essay. References Afzal-Khan, Fawzia Cultural Imperialism and the Indo-English Novel: Genre and Ideology in R. Pennsylvania State University Press. Macropolitics of Nineteenth-Century Literature: Formations of Colonial Modernity in East Asia. In , soon after the publication of The Satanic Verses , a Pakistani film entitled International Gorillay International Guerillas was released that depicted Rushdie as a villain plotting to cause the downfall of Pakistan by opening a chain of casinos and discos in the country; he is ultimately killed at the end of the movie.

The film was popular with Pakistani audiences, and it "presents Rushdie as a Rambo -like figure pursued by four Pakistani guerrillas". Two months later, however, Rushdie himself wrote to the board, saying that while he thought the film "a distorted, incompetent piece of trash", he would not sue if it were released.

He later said, "If that film had been banned, it would have become the hottest video in town: While the film was a great hit in Pakistan, it went virtually unnoticed elsewhere. Rushdie was due to appear at the Jaipur Literature Festival in January Police contended that they were afraid Rushdie would read from the banned The Satanic Verses , and that the threat was real, considering imminent protests by Muslim organizations.

The four were urged to leave by organizers as there was a real possibility they would be arrested. A proposed video link session between Rushdie and the Jaipur Literature Festival was also cancelled at the last minute [74] after the government pressured the festival to stop it. After the attack, Al-Qaeda called for more killings. Rushdie expressed his support for Charlie Hebdo. He said, "I stand with Charlie Hebdo , as we all must, to defend the art of satire, which has always been a force for liberty and against tyranny, dishonesty and stupidity But the fact that you dislike them has nothing to do with their right to speak.

The fact you dislike them certainly doesn't in any way excuse their murder". Rushdie was knighted for services to literature in the Queen's Birthday Honours on 16 June He remarked, "I am thrilled and humbled to receive this great honour, and am very grateful that my work has been recognised in this way.

Parliamentarians of several of these countries condemned the action, and Iran and Pakistan called in their British envoys to protest formally. Mass demonstrations against Rushdie's knighthood took place in Pakistan and Malaysia. Several called publicly for his death.

Some non-Muslims expressed disappointment at Rushdie's knighthood, claiming that the writer did not merit such an honour and there were several other writers who deserved the knighthood more than Rushdie. Al-Qaeda condemned the Rushdie honour. The Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri is quoted as saying in an audio recording that UK's award for Kashmiri-born Rushdie was "an insult to Islam", and it was planning "a very precise response.

Rushdie came from a liberal Muslim family [89] although he now identifies as an atheist. In a interview with PBS , Rushdie called himself a "hardline atheist". In , in an interview following the fatwa , Rushdie said that he was in a sense a lapsed Muslim, though "shaped by Muslim culture more than any other", and a student of Islam.

I do not believe in supernatural entities, whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Hindu. In , in the "hope that it would reduce the threat of Muslims acting on the fatwa to kill him," he issued a statement claiming he had renewed his Muslim faith, had repudiated the attacks on Islam made by characters in his novel and was committed to working for better understanding of the religion across the world.

However, Rushdie later said that he was only "pretending". His books often focus on the role of religion in society and conflicts between faiths and between the religious and those of no faith.

Rushdie advocates the application of higher criticism , pioneered during the late 19th century. What is needed is a move beyond tradition, nothing less than a reform movement to bring the core concepts of Islam into the modern age, a Muslim Reformation to combat not only the jihadist ideologues but also the dusty, stifling seminaries of the traditionalists, throwing open the windows to let in much-needed fresh air.

Rushdie is a critic of cultural relativism. He favours calling things by their true names and constantly argues about what is wrong and what is right. In an interview with Point of Inquiry in [94] he described his view as follows:.

We need all of us, whatever our background, to constantly examine the stories inside which and with which we live. We all live in stories, so called grand narratives. Nation is a story. Family is a story. Religion is a story. Community is a story. We all live within and with these narratives.

And it seems to me that a definition of any living vibrant society is that you constantly question those stories. That you constantly argue about the stories. In fact the arguing never stops. The argument itself is freedom. It's not that you come to a conclusion about it. And through that argument you change your mind sometimes.

When you can't retell for yourself the stories of your life then you live in a prison. Rushdie is an advocate of religious satire. He condemned the Charlie Hebdo shooting and defended comedic criticism of religions in a comment originally posted on English PEN where he called religions a medieval form of unreason.

Rushdie called the attack a consequence of "religious totalitarianism" which according to him had caused "a deadly mutation in the heart of Islam".: Religion, a medieval form of unreason, when combined with modern weaponry becomes a real threat to our freedoms. This religious totalitarianism has caused a deadly mutation in the heart of Islam and we see the tragic consequences in Paris today. I stand with Charlie Hebdo, as we all must, to defend the art of satire, which has always been a force for liberty and against tyranny, dishonesty and stupidity.

He strongly supports feminism. In the s in the United Kingdom, he was a supporter of the Labour Party and championed measures to end racial discrimination and alienation of immigrant youth and racial minorities. He has stated that while there was a "case to be made for the removal of Saddam Hussein ", US unilateral military intervention was unjustifiable.

In , Rushdie stated that he supported comments by the then-Leader of the House of Commons Jack Straw , who criticised the wearing of the niqab a veil that covers all of the face except the eyes. Rushdie stated that his three sisters would never wear the veil. He said, "I think the battle against the veil has been a long and continuing battle against the limitation of women, so in that sense I'm completely on Straw's side.

Marxist critic Terry Eagleton , a former admirer of Rushdie's work, attacked him, saying he "cheered on the Pentagon 's criminal ventures in Iraq and Afghanistan". My view is I do this for a living. The thing wouldn't exist if I didn't make it and so it belongs to me and don't steal it. When Amnesty International suspended human rights activist Gita Sahgal for saying to the press that she thought Amnesty International should distance itself from Moazzam Begg and his organisation, Rushdie said:.

Amnesty … has done its reputation incalculable damage by allying itself with Moazzam Begg and his group Cageprisoners, and holding them up as human rights advocates. It looks very much as if Amnesty's leadership is suffering from a kind of moral bankruptcy , and has lost the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

It has greatly compounded its error by suspending the redoubtable Gita Sahgal for the crime of going public with her concerns. Gita Sahgal is a woman of immense integrity and distinction It is people like Gita Sahgal who are the true voices of the human rights movement; Amnesty and Begg have revealed, by their statements and actions, that they deserve our contempt. Rushdie supported the election of Democrat Barack Obama for the American presidency and has often criticized the Republican Party.

Rushdie was involved in the Occupy Movement , both as a presence at Occupy Boston and as a founding member of Occupy Writers. Rushdie is a supporter of gun control , blaming a shooting at a Colorado cinema in July on the American right to keep and bear arms. Rushdie has been married four times. He was married to his first wife Clarissa Luard [] from to and fathered a son, Zafar born His third wife, from to , was Elizabeth West; they have a son, Milan born The marriage ended on 2 July In , Rushdie was linked to Indian actress Riya Sen.

In , Rushdie had an operation to correct ptosis , a tendon condition that causes drooping eyelids and that, according to him, was making it increasingly difficult for him to open his eyes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. United Kingdom United States [1]. Magic realism satire postcolonialism. Historical criticism travel writing. The Satanic Verses controversy.

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Archived from the original on 13 January Rushdie's dad's secret humiliation in London". Retrieved 13 September Retrieved 20 January Archived from the original on 11 October Retrieved 10 July In the opening pages of Midnight's Children, Dr Aziz while bending down on his prayer mat, bumps his nose on a hard tussock of earth.

His nose bleeds and his eyes water and he decides then and there that never again will he bow before God or man. Archived from the original on 2 April Retrieved 22 March Retrieved 24 January Archived from the original on 29 April Retrieved 5 April Retrieved 14 September Archived from the original on 4 April Retrieved 2 July The New York Times.

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Sep 28,  · Salman Rushdie (Full name Ahmed Salman Rushdie) Indian-born English novelist, short story writer, essayist, critic, editor, children's writer, playwright, .

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Essay on Salman Rushdie's Midnight Children Words | 6 Pages. Salman Rushdie's Midnight Children Salman Rushdie is one of the greatest writers India has ever produced. Amongst the premier works of Rushdie, Midnight’s Children continues to be one of the best meta-fictional works of the postmodern era.

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Migrant identity in the select novels by Salman Rushdie Thesis Salman Rushdie is the who is searching for the mechanisms of a personal identity’s identification. He appeals for human body, gender roles, personal stories or external factors as crucial for self-identity. Salman Rushdie Essays: Over , Salman Rushdie Essays, Salman Rushdie Term Papers, Salman Rushdie Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access.

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Ahmed Salman Rushdie was born on June 19, in Bombay, India, to a middle class Muslim family. His father was a businessman, educated in Cambridge, and his grandfather was an Urdu poet. At fourteen, he was sent to England for schooling, attending the Rugby School in Warwickshire. Feb 27,  · In Salman Rushdie's text "English is an Indian literary language," Rushdie states that the output of literature in English by Indian writers is more interesting and vital than those produced in India's native languages.